Heart Plastic

Art. No. i22666

This type of zipper takes the shape of hearts. This is an attractive plastic zipper with multi-color heart elements. This type of plastic zipper can be done in a multitude of color variations such as DTM, contrast, random DTM (several colors are used), and so on.

The Heart Zipper is from our i-Zipper collection and is fully patented.

Available Size

#7, #9 C/E, O/E. For other sizes, please kindly contact us.


Hand Bag / Accessory / Dress, Skirts


Patent Worldwide

China Patent no. ZL201330546625.4

OBO is the exclusive manufacturer and seller of this product protected by patent. Anyone who manufactures, sells, imports or exports products of this type in countries where the patents are valid is in danger of infringing a patent.


Care Instruction / Remarks

- Sporty look.

- Unique element shape.



Quality Characteristics

ASTMD 2061, BS3084, JIS S3015, GB QB/T2171-2014, Oekotex


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